OEM, ODM backpacks made in Vietnam

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OEM, ODM backpacks made in Vietnam

Producing exporting backpack made in Vietnam, receive OEM, ODM orders with the factory price. Tel: (+84)(0)987 499 592 / Email: ngan.hoang@thongtingia.com.

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OEM, ODM backpacks made in Vietnam

Our company is specialized in manufacturing export backpack bags, receives OEM, ODM orders with the factory price.

Hoang Ngan CO., Ltd is a backpack bag company with more than 10 years of experience in Vietnam.

We proud to be the No. 1 export backpack bag manufacturer in the North of Vietnam.

Products made by Hoang Ngan CO., Ltd such as:

  • Types of backpach: school backpack, business backpack, college backpack, laptop backback, travel backpack,...
  • Bags: sports bag, gym bag, travel bag, outdoor bag, tote bag, non-woven bag, cooler bag, cosmetic bag, shopping bag, storage bag,...
  • Suitcase: travel suitcase, labor export suitcase, gift suitcase,...
OEM backpack made in Vietnam
ODM backpack in Vietnam
ODM, OEM backpack products made in Vietnam

Produce ODM, OEM backpack products in orders

We receive production of ODM, OEM exporting backpack bag orders.

We can produce products in large scale, big quantity, big orders in a short time because:

- We have more than 300 workers in some workshops.

- 01 factory of 10.000 m2 is working in Ninh Binh province for exporting.

- More than 10 years of experience in producing backpack bag in Vietnam.

- Team of skilled sewing workers.

- Modern production line machinery.

backpack bag factory in Vietnam


Contact us in Vietnam for ordering ODM, OEM backpacks products


Trading Office: No 2, CT8B building, Dai Thanh apartment, Thanh Tri district, Ha Noi city.

Factory: No 7 Nguyen Nhan Kinh Street, Kinh Bac Ward, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh province.

Tel: (+84)(0) 987 499 592

Email: ngan.hoang@thongtingia.com


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